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About Us

Who we are and what we do:

US Tax Liens & Deeds, LLC was founded by partners who spent many years in the investment industry, real estate and finance. We PAY CASH for mortgage notes and deeds, both performing and non-performing, residential and commercial, tax lien certificates and tax deeds anywhere in the United States. Please contact us if you are a financial institution, or an entity that provides seller financing, and have any of these instruments ("Paper") available for sale. Note ownersa are welcome to receive a free, no obligation, CASH QUOTE for the notes they hold and turn their paper into cash. Paper buyers are welcome to request information on instruments we currently have to offer. As a results-driven organization, we are constantly conducting market research to identify the safest and most profitable investment opportunities. You are welcome to contact us for additional information.  

Our sister companies, American Home Buyers, LLC and American Real Estate Buyers, LLC pay cash for residential and commercial properties. Please visit and for additional information.

Our Investment Strategy

We perform comprehensive real estate market analysis and thorough due diligence of the assets we purchase. 


Our partners and advisors are the leading experts in their respective fields.

Our research department is second to none to identify the best markets and opportunities.

The safety and guaranteed high rate of return of invested funds are our main objectives.

Our Businesses

Investment in Residential and Commercial Notes

Investment in U.S. Tax Liens and Deeds

Real Estate Investment

Feedback From Our Customers

Jennifer Smith

Losing my job and going through a foreclosure was not a happy time in my life. I was pleasantly surprised when I received a call from USTL&D, informing me that that my house sold at the foreclosure auction for $14,300 more than I owed on it! I am extremely grateful to these wonderful people for helping me to recover this money for me. I highly recommend their services. 

Joanne Simpson

Our family-owned restaurant had to file for bankruptcy one year after McDonald's opened up across the street. Our business assets were liquidated to cover various loans that we had. However, one of the creditors moved and could not be located and the check was returned to the Bankruptcy Court. We would have never known about it if not for these great people, who helped us find and recover that money. Thanks you, guys, way to go!!

James Steiner

After losing a lot of money during the latest stock market crush, I was looking for a way to invest my money safely. My investment advisor suggested precious metals that lost 25% of its value over the next several years. One day, a friend working at USTL&D showed me how to invest my money into tax lien certificates, with a government-guaranteed return of 20% per year. Sure beats 2% return on CDs! If you want both safety AND high rate of return, I do not know anyone better than them.

Melissa Carlile

My husband and I had to relocate because of his job and we had to sell our house fast. Vitali and his team made us an offer that we could not refuse, savings us tens of thousands in listing fees and real estate agent commissions. If you want to sell your house quick and for a great price, I suggest you talk to these people first. 

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